Cover of What is Time? Facts, Musings, and Speculations About Time for Children
Category: Children
Publisher: Petra Books
Pages: 54
Price: 11.95
Language: English
ISBN: 979-8869162137
Year: 2024

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Time is my favorite topic. I always wanted to write a book about time. Finally I decided to write one designed for children. This is not a book that teaches your child how to tell the time. There are numerous such books on the market. This book is different. Basically the book delves into the nature of time. The book was designed such that it includes facts, musings, and speculations about time. These are written in a very simplified form suitable for children. The topics covered are: (1) Hours, Minutes, and Seconds, (2) Years, Months, and Weeks, (3) Past, Preset, and Future, (4) The Calendar, (5) Dimensions, (6) The Fourth Dimension, (7) Psychological Time, (8) The Five Senses, (9) Age of the Universe, (10) Parallel Timelines, (11) Time Travel, (12) Mental Time Travel, (13) The Future, (14) Time and Dreams, (15) Three Dimensions of Time, (16) The Nature of Reality, (17) Consciousness, (18) Healing Yourself, (19) Synchronicity, (20) The End of Time, (21) The Transformation, (22) Time in the Bible. The book may be difficult for children especially the second half of the book where we discuss some advanced concepts in the theory of time. This difficulty is even magnified when we consider that the latter parts of the book are more speculative than factual. But in these speculations we offer a hope that children should be aware of.