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These are the handwritten notes for the Structural Analysis II course that was taught at Applied Science University by Dr. Peter Kattan in the period 1996-1998. The notes are based on the book "Structural Analysis " by Alexander Chajes, Second Edition. This book is currently out of print. Students find these notes useful and it is good to find them in one single volume. The author hopes to make these notes available to students worldwide and also to revive the Chajes book. These notes are for the second course on structural analysis for indeterminate structures. Another book is avaialbe and includes the notes for the first course on structural analysis.

These handwritten notes include the following chapters: History of Structural Analysis, Methods of Indeterminate Structural Analysis, Degrees of Indeterminacy, Approximate Analysis of Indeterminate Structures, Method of Consistent Deformations (The General Method or The Force Method), Method of Least Work (Castigliano's Second Theorem), The Three-Moment Equation, Slope-Deflection Method, Moment-Distribution Method, Flexibility Matrix Method, Influence Lines for Indeterminate Structures, Appendix - Matrix Algebra.