Cover of Secret Codes for Kids: Cryptograms and Secret Words for Children
Category: Children
Publisher: Petra Books
Pages: 70
Price: 7.95
Language: English
ISBN: 979-8869136572
Year: 2024

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The book includes 50 cryptograms for children to solve. These cryptogram puzzles are in the form of secret and hidden words written in terms of codes as numbers. The cryptograms are subdivided into five categories of difficulty as follows: Super Easy, Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Super Difficult. The codes increase gradually in difficulty from the beginning of the book till the end. They start with short and simple sentences and gradually evolve into long and complicated paragraphs. These puzzles provide great fun and entertainment for kids of ages 7-11 years. They also provide great brain stimulation. The solutions to all the puzzles are provided at the end of the book.