Cover of Scalar Damage and Healing Mechanics
Category: Engineering and Science
Publisher: Elsevier
Pages: 372
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Language: English
ISBN: 978-0128233399
Year: 2023

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Scalar Damage and Healing Mechanics outlines the latest cutting-edge research in the field of scalar damage and healing mechanics, providing step-by-step insight on how to use scalar damage variables in various modeling scenarios. Additionally, the book discusses the latest advances in healing mechanics, covering the evolution of healing and damage, small damage and small healing, healing processes in series and in parallel, super healing, and the thermodynamics of damage and healing. Coupled systems, in which damage triggers self-healing as well as a decoupled system where healing occurs after damage is identified by external detection, are also discussed.

Readers are additionally introduced to fundamental concepts such as effective stress, damage evolution, plane stress damage decomposition, and other damage processes that form the basis for a better understanding of the more advanced chapters.

  • Synthesizes the latest research in damage mechanics and the healing mechanics of materials, including thermodynamics, elasticity and plasticity
  • Includes practical exercises and problems for readers to work with before performing their own modeling scenarios
  • Covers various scalar damage variables and outlines different damage processes