Cover of Math Puzzles for Kids 2: Number Blocks for Children
Category: Children
Publisher: Petra Books
Pages: 90
Price: 7.95
Language: English
ISBN: 979-8869210548
Year: 2024

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This book includes various math puzzles for children 7 - 11 years of age and up. All the puzzles in the book are designed specially for these children in mind. All the puzzles are number blocks to be filled with the numbers 0 to 9 using the usual arithmetic operations of addition and subtraction. There are 63 puzzles in the book with seven levels of difficulty categorized as: Super Easy, Easy, Easy/Medium, Medium, Medium/Difficult, Difficult, and Super Difficult. The puzzles increase gradually in difficulty from the beginning of the book till the end. This is a perfect book packed with learning and fun and will keep your kids entertained. Check our website at for more children puzzle books.